Managemant Policy
Corporate Objectives, Goals and Mission Statements
<Mission Statement No. 1>
It is one of our missions to contribute to development of World peace through creating free, simple, and easy international exchange opportunities between children, between families, between youth, or between seniors, so that they could go beyond nationality, thought or language walls.
<Mission Statement No.2>
It is our second mission to contribute to World peace in the 21st century through helping those children of unblessed countries, who being given as many educational opportunities as possilbe, to go beyond nationality, thought, religion, wealth and poverty difference walls.

Corporate Visions and Basic Management Creeds
(1) Contribute to Peace of the World
(2) Earn Trust and Respect of Customers
(3) Challenge Spirit
(4) Teamwork and Mutual Respect
(5) A Sence of Balance
(6) Eternal Honesty and Integrity